4 Reasons Lo Should Be Part of CHEER Colorado

Somehow, I keep finding cheer. Or maybe it keeps finding me? Now that i’m so close to having cheer be a part of my life again, I am excited to reflect on the ways that cheer and philanthropy have been so important in so many phases of my life. It is even more interesting to see how both of those things taught me what I need to know to combine the two and be a part of CHEER Colorado.

  1. Philanthropy - Philanthropy has been an incredibly important part of my life since I was little. From being the President of a local chapter of a national volunteer organization in high school, to participating in Relay for Life as often as possible in high school and college, to participating in fundraisers for a number of charities and causes in college and beyond, I have always prioritized using my time, accessibility, and abundance to help others. Since living in 4 states the last five years, I’ve found it harder to find volunteer organizations that I can dedicate my time (and heart) to, so now that I’ve found CHEER Colorado, I’m excited to be able to dedicate more time to volunteering, fundraising, and helping bring joy to other volunteers and the LGBTQ community.

  2. Accountability - Ask anyone who has known me longer than about a week, I am incredibly organized and a stickler on time! I recently had a friend tell me that I was one of the only people he knew who actually stuck to a plan when it was made and my coworkers will tell you that I respond to messages and emails probably much quicker than necessary. On time is late in my book so you can be sure I’ll be ready to go every time.

  3. Respectability - I can’t imagine a world where respectability isn’t part of my vocabulary. Respectability can include accountability and kindness, but it can also encompass inclusivity, support, friendship, and open-mindedness. It’s always been important to be to be respectful and welcome to others and I’ve always found that I interact best with people who live their lives in the same way. I also feel that respectability, in a bigger sense, is about doing the right thing for society as a whole - not just myself or my immediate friends and family. There’s a sense of responsibility in being on the right side of history and I feel that’s important to focus on.

  4. Kindness - Ah, kindness. My favorite word. Coincidentally, 2018 was the year of kindness for me. I put a large focus on the word, not only in order to influence my actions, but help me identify the things (and people) that don’t represent kindness. I even attempted to train my cat by telling her that scratching humans was not kind (I don’t think she understood, lol). Kindness, like accountability and respectability, is so significant to my life and my mission of volunteerism. I couldn’t imagine living my life without kindness being at the center of it.

Laura Bauman